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Last month, Intel debuted 6th Generation Intel® Core™ processor family, its best ever. Engineered to run best on Windows* 10, 6th Gen Intel Core and Microsoft's* newest operating system mark a major milestone for the computing industry and will make people's "personal computing" experience significantly more personal. Doug Fisher, senior VP and general manager of Intel's Software and Services Group explains the behind the scenes collaboration between Intel and Microsoft engineers that resulted in key enhancements in Windows 10.

Toshiba Corporation announced it is collaborating with Intel to enhance the IoT security for Toshiba's industrial infrastructure system solutions. This collaboration will focus on bringing in Intel's latest security technologies such as Intel Security Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP), security information and event management (SIEM), whitelisting, endpoint security, and next generation firewall to help protect Toshiba's customers from emerging cyber threats. Read the press release to learn more about how the companies plan to integrate Intel's domain expertise with Toshiba's system solutions in the energy, transportation, and healthcare sectors.

At Strata + Hadoop World in New York City today, Intel unveiled new details on pilot programs from Penn Medicine, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and Oregon Health & Science University which provide clinicians with greater insight to improve patient outcomes using its Trusted Analytics Platform (TAP). TAP is an open source project that simplifies big data analytics solutions in the cloud for developers and data scientists. In this blog post, Ron Kasabian, vice president and general manager of Big Data Solutions, sheds light on the universe of possibilities that TAP will enable; click for more information on TAP deployments.

Intel corporate vice president and CIO Kim Stevenson was honored today with the Women of Excellence Digital Trailblazer award by the National Association for Female Executives (NAFE). The Women of Excellence Awards recognizes the achievements of NAFE members in their careers and communities and winners are chosen annually for their vision, courage, compassion, successes and generosity. The Digital Trailblazer award is given to a woman who has harnessed the power of the Internet to improve women's businesses and lives.

Today at AzureCon, Microsoft* announced availability of DV2, the next-generation of D-series virtual machines sizes. DV2 instances are powered by customized 2.4 GHz Intel® Xeon® E5 v3 processors, and with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 they can go to 3.2 GHz, making DV2 up to 35 percent faster than the current D-series instances. DV2 and D-series instances are ideal for enterprise-grade applications that demand faster CPUs, better local disk performance or higher memories. DV2 sizes are available for both Virtual Machines and Cloud Services. Check out the Microsoft blog for more information.

Intel has ranked No. 1 on Responsible Sourcing Network's 2015 Mining the Disclosures report, an in-depth analysis of 155 companies' social performance on conflict minerals. Topping the list for the second consecutive year, Intel was highlighted as the sole company with a conflict-free product line and recognized for its in-region impact, such as increasing wages for miners and reducing the presence of armed groups at tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold mines. Learn more about Intel's conflict-free efforts.

ITU and Intel announced the two winners of the final ITU Telecom World 2015 Young Innovators Competition challenge, their Single Board Challenge. Ugur Can Bastik from Turkey developed TactiX, a mobile phone solution for the visually impaired. Ogbonnaya Bassey from Nigeria got recognized for SolarKobo, which provides cheap and reliable solar power systems. Both winners were selected from 124 applications from 34 countries on the basis of innovation, business potential and social value proposition. They will receive seed funding as well as networking opportunities at ITU Telecom World 2015, taking place from Oct. 12-15 in Budapest, Hungary.

Intel announced "Bring YOUR Big Data Challenge," a big data analytics program with European Cloud Service Provider OVH.com. Intel and OVH will support up to three organizations to help build a solution to solve their big data problems such as operation management, market behavior prediction, and Internet of Things data analysis. Using big data technologies such as the Trusted Analytics Platform (TAP), an open source software developed by Intel, Intel and OVH.com will work with app developers and data scientists to deploy cloud native apps for big data analytics. The program is a part of a larger effort between the two companies to optimize infrastructure tuning for best performance per workload while using new Intel technologies to secure and differentiate OVH services. For more information visit www.ovh.com/bigdatachallenge.

Intel today unveiled the Intel Solid State Drive DC P3608 Series, its highest performing SSD for the Data Center. The Intel SSD DC P3608 Series delivers high-performance and low latency with NVMe and eight lanes of PCIe 3.0 to eliminate bottlenecks in HPC workflows, accelerate databases, and gain business insights through real time analytics. A unique NVMe dual-controller architecture allows efficient scaling with Intel Xeon Processors with multiple cores, evenly distributing the IO of up to 850K random read IOPS while the PCIe 3.0 x8 link enables data transfers of 5GB/s. The Intel SSD DC P3608 Series is available in capacities of 1.6TB, 3.2TB, and 4TB in a single PCIe 3.0 x8 low-profile add-in-card. Read about the Intel® SSD DC P3608 Series' incredible performance in a blog post or learn more about Intel SSDs.

Intel was named one of Working Mother's 100 Best Companies today. Working Mother's annual list, celebrating its 30th year, recognizes companies for their commitment to progressive workplace programs, including advancement of women, flexibility, child care and paid parental leave. This is Intel's ninth consecutive year on the list. Intel is committed to ensuring the best possible workplace for all employees, including mothers.

Today international nonprofit NetHope, in collaboration with Intel Corporation and other leading tech companies, released SDG ICT Playbook: From Innovation to Impact -- an innovative technology guide for humanitarian organizations working towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The report underlines the importance of Information Communications Technology as a strategic enabler and key resource to accelerate these goals. Other sponsors on this project include Microsoft, Catholic Relief Services and CDW.

Intel Capital today announced $67 million of investments in eight Chinese technology companies. Intel is celebrating its 30th anniversary in China and demonstrating its long-term commitment to fostering Chinese technology innovation and accelerating China Technology Ecosystem (CTE) development. The companies represent a broad spectrum of industries including smart devices, robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, big data and data analytics. Learn more about the new Intel Capital portfolio companies: 99cloud, Bluebank, Hampoo, Ninebot, Nuovo Film, PraFly, AWcloud, and TELINK.

Intel Security today released a study examining key data exfiltration techniques used by cybercriminals to steal valuable corporate assets. The report includes survey data from more than 500 security professionals, as well as recommendations on how organizations can effectively defend against data loss from external and internal actors, both intentional and accidental. Intel Security will present these findings in a webcast on September 16, 2015 at 11 a.m. PDT.

Today's drivers are eager for seamless connectivity in the car but recent automotive cyber-attacks have raised serious security concerns. To help mitigate cyber-security risks associated with connected cars while also encouraging technological progression and innovation, Intel today announced the creation of the Automotive Security Review Board (ASRB) made of automotive security experts. ASRB researchers will conduct cyber-security research for Intel's automotive platform. The member with the most impactful contribution will be awarded a new car. Intel also published the first version of the automotive cyber security best practices white paper, and will update it based on ASRB findings. Click to find out more about the ASRB.

Establishes Automotive Security Review Board; Unveils Automotive Cybersecurity Best Practices


SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 13, 2015 – To help mitigate cybersecurity risks associated with connected automobiles while encouraging technological progression and innovation, Intel Corporation today announced the establishment of the Automotive Security Review Board (ASRB). The board will encompass top security industry talent across the globe with particular areas of expertise in cyber-physical systems. The ASRB researchers will perform ongoing security tests and audits intended to codify best practices and design recommendations for advanced cybersecurity solutions and products to benefit the automobile industry and drivers. Intel also published the first version of its automotive cybersecurity best practices white paper, which the company will continue to update based on ASRB findings.


Gartner predicts that "by 2020, the number of connected passenger vehicles on the road in use will be about 150 million; 60% to 75% of them will be capable of consuming, creating and sharing Web-based data."1 The transition to a more connected world is exciting and requires that cybersecurity be addressed.


"We can, and must, raise the bar against cyberattacks in automobiles," said Chris Young, senior vice president and general manager of Intel Security. "With the help of the ASRB, Intel can establish security best practices and encourage that cybersecurity is an essential ingredient in the design of every connected car. Few things are more personal than our safety while on the road, making the ASRB the right idea at the right time."


Intel will provide the ASRB with its automotive advanced development platforms on which to conduct research. Findings will then be published publicly as part of an ongoing process. To motivate the ASRB researchers, Intel will award a new car2 to the member who provides the most significant and impactful cybersecurity contribution that can be implemented on Intel's automotive platform. All details related to the Intel development platform and areas of security audit focus will be provided at the inaugural ASRB meet-up next month. Interested security professionals wishing to request participation can find out more information at www.intel.com/automotive/asrb.


The new Intel white paper "Automotive Security Best Practices: Recommendations for Security and Privacy in the Era of the Next-Generation Car," analyzes risks associated with the next generation of connected automobiles and provides specific security recommendations for the automotive industry. Intel is inviting industry experts to comment on the white paper and will publish revisions based upon feedback and ASRB findings. The full report is available online at www.mcafee.com/autosecuritywp.


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1 Gartner, Predicts 2015: Connected-Vehicle and Mobility Innovations Inspire New Digital Business Opportunities, 12 November 2014


2 Or cash equivalent.

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