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Chipshot: Intel Pays 70th birthday tribute to Professor Stephen Hawking

Intel will today play a leading role in the 70th birthday celebrations of Professor Stephen Hawking.


The celebrations are in the form of a public Symposium where guest speakers will also include UK Astronomer Royal, Lord Rees, and Nobel Laureate, Saul Perlmutter. Intel CTO, Justin Rattner is due to introduce Professor Hawking at the event, in recognition of the long association between Intel and Professor Hawking, a relationship that dates to Intel co-founder, Gordon Moore.


Rattner paid a warm birthday tribute to Professor Hawking, saying:  “With more than half a century of remarkable research Professor Hawking has continually pushed the boundaries of humankind’s understanding of the cosmos.

“More than any other scientist in recent history, his ability to engage people in the process of scientific discovery through his books, lectures, and television programs has opened countless inquisitive minds to a Universe full of possibilities. Thank you, Stephen, and the best of wishes on your 70th Birthday!”


To view Justin's tribute to Professor Hawking, please click here.


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